Q. Are the bond and transfer costs included in the price?

A. Yes, except initiation and valuation fees.

Q. Is electricity supplied by means of an individual meter?

A. Yes, a pre-paid meter.

Q. How many units have been sold in Stellendale Village to date?

A. 443 plus another 42 under construction.

Q. Will my unit be tenanted before I take transfer?

A. Yes, if the sale is confirmed. Occupational rent to seller until transfer.

Q. Is the rental income gross or nett?

A. Gross.

Q. What is the ROI range?

A. This depends upon many variables that vary from case to case. Article 13 improves return by about 1.5% to 1.8%.

Q. What are the rental agents’ costs if I have to pay them monthly?

A. From 6% to 10% depending on the agency and the services required.

Q. What is the anticipated capital escalation over a 2-year term?

A. We work conservatively on about 6%.

Q. Why are building costs increasing on a regular basis?

There are several reasons:

A. South Africa has a building-related inflation rate of more than 6% per year.

A. The Rand has been weakening over the past couple of years against the currencies of most of our trading partners, so imported equipment and material has increased in price.

A. The weak Rand also leads to increases in fuel prices. Increased fuel costs in South Africa have a direct impact on the cost of most building components, including labour, due mainly to increased transport costs.

A. Violent conflicts in regions where oil fields are concentrated, like Iraq, also continue to have a big impact on the price of oil.

Q. Why is the Stellendale development price per square metre more expensive than some of the other developments in the area?

A. Stellendale has a significantly higher standard of building quality, maintenance and security to other developments in the area and, indeed, this price band in general.

There are several other reasons:

A. Security complex

A. Secured perimeter with electrified fencing

A. 24-hour manned security entrance and patrols

A. Village environment - including continual landscape maintenance

A. Generous public open spaces

A. Local authority-maintained internal services

Q. Why should Stellendale be considered a better investment than other developments in the area?

A. Award-winning development.

There are several other reasons:

A. Frequent supply of young and upcoming tenants.

A. Stellendale's perceived 'brand value' due to its proven track record

A. DStv enabled

A. Fitted kitchen: oven, hob, built-in cupboards

A. Caltex Fresh Stop service station at village entrance

A. Easy access to CPUT, UWC and University of Stellenbosch

A. Planned in-village crèche, coffee shop, community centre

A. Planned precinct school or college, retail centre with drive through, major employment opportunities in ICT business park

A. Adjacent proposed Integrated Rapid Transport route


Q. What are the levies for the sectional title apartments?

A. These are currently R621 per month; this includes insurance. Rates are R120 to R150.

Q. What is the anticipated rental for the sectional title apartments?

A. R4,000 upwards.

...my place lifestyle

Q. When is handover of the unit in Elgin Lodge anticipated?

A. Occupation/transfer in November 2014.

Q. Will the fridge and microwave be incorporated in the …my place lifestyle units?

A. Yes, undercounter fridge and simple microwave; i.e. not convection, rotisserie, etc.

Q. When is transfer anticipated on the …my place lifestyle suites?

A. End of January 2015

Q. How many units are in the …my place lifestyle area?

A. 88 in Northbank One, 206 in Northbank 2, +/- 550 in Southbank.

Q. What is the anticipated rental for the …my place lifestyle suites?

A. R3,400 upwards.

Q. What are the monthly costs likely to be for an investor?

A. Projected monthly costs are: Levy including insurance: R450. Rates and taxes: R100 – R120. Renatl agents collection fee between 6% and 10% depending on services required. Lifestyle and investment management fee: 10%. These are estimates only - accurate costs will be available upon purchase of a suite or suites.

Q. What are the monthly costs likely to be for a resident?

A. Projected monthly costs are likely to be approximately: Single occupancy: R1,200. Dual occupancy: R2,000. These are mandatory costs and include laundry (6kg per person per week), cleaning (a basic service) and 20 meals per month. These are estimates only - accurate costs will only be available close to the time of taking occupancy.


  • Controlled-access village
  • Fully secured perimeter
  • DStv enabled
  • Internet/Intranet connectivity coming soon
  • Generous open spaces
  • Near the Zevenwacht Shopping Centre
  • Next to proposed Integrated Rapid Transport route
  • Well situated for major transport routes
  • Easy access to colleges and universities